Moving house is seriously the devil...


... Sooo.. I've had the pleasure of moving house and have been MIA from posting for a lil' while. Between work, packing, moving, now settling in and getting the last of my lil' tribe's stuff over to the new house on top of finding and securing said house it's been 'fun'... I would happily never move house again in this lifetime. So, I think some serious plans need to be engaged to get things in order to allow the purchase of a house so that would be a realistic option. Haha.

I shouldn't complain too much tho, we got help from removalists who informed that the poor bastids out of the $70 an hour the company charges end up getting $20 an hour each. So, with a family of 6 our move (which didn't include every little thing - we're moving stuff ourselves in our car) took about 8 hours give or take a little, two removalists loaded the truck and unloaded the truck for three trips... for $20 an hour... Granted I was on that working club security but still, that's pretty screwed and makes me happy to be sitting in an air conditioned office doing non-physical labour for slightly more than that... We ended up giving them a reasonable bonus on the amount cause they were legends and it should've covered a meal and maybe a couple of beers after a long arse day for all in the equation...

... Anyway, this one isn't Hip-Hop related in the slightest, who said all my blogs had to be?...

On a side (and somewhat Hip-Hop related note) this Afrika Bam stuff has been interesting, if not somewhat unsettling to watch unfold. I'm really not in a position to state too much cause this stuff happened before my time breathing or when I was a few years old in an entirely different country, so yeah. Will be interesting to watch things unfold over the next while for Zulu and for Bam himself.

Hope you've been well, what've you been bumping? Feel free to hit me with some suggestions or even some of your own stuff to peep. Honest opinions given, I won't nut-hug or gas you tho so if you are already 100% convinced you're dope and can't improve then you should probably save ourselves some time and yourself some over emotional hater claiming... Haha.

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