Gonz! - "UnderGround Kingz" Feat Chris Rivers.

Coming from the We Good Entertainment (WGE) camp comes Gonz! new clip featuring the one and only Chris Rivers (pka Baby Pun, yes, Big Pun's son who is a beast of his own accord).

WGE hail from New Jersey, USA are are doing some good tunes as evidenced by this new clip. Gonz! is someone to watch for with a touch of Pun to his style so it's extremely fitting that he would collab with Pun's son. The results are solid if you ask me.

Bonus WGE vid:
Tru-Werdz & Gonz! "Come and Diss Me".

You shouldn't need to be encouraged to go peep more Chris Rivers but just in case you do here's another couple of vids I highly recommend.

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