If I was to believe memes... Rappers/MCs keeping real rap alive (Part 1).

... If I was to believe memes then real rap would have died out with Biggie... I however know better than that as somewhat of a rap connoisour and appreciator of fine lyricism... Haha. Or, I just don't follow fucktards and can hold my own opinion...

Sooo... Just thought I'd post some artists that while a lot of my friends/acquaintances would be well versed on are a little less known by the broader rap market that gets their fix via 21 Pilots on Nova (of whom I heard last evening refer to Chingy as a "Hip-Hop legend"... The fuck out of here)...

I'll post a few of my favourite rappers that have been killing it for a minute in instalments kicking off with part 1.

First off let me kick this off with my favourite rapper breathing, Chino XL.

Hailing from New Jersey but now well and truly representing the West of the US Chino is one of the best to do it if you ask me. He's had the "oh shit" factor more than any rapper I've ever heard and while being discounted as being a punchline rapper actually has a lot of versatility and can go deeper than most letting listeners get a glimpse of the man behind the music.

Recommended listening:
(His whole catalogue really, but here's some starters)

Chino XL - "Kings" feat. Big Pun (tied my favourite rapper with Chi, or vice versa) & DJ Romes.

Chino XL - "Father's Day"

Chino XL - "Wordsmith"

Chino XL - "B-Boy/Gangsta"

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