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... For those that managed to side-step the whole Afrika Bambaataa child abuse allegations scandal as it happened and haven't been watching the blow for blow from Star and through the other outlets have put together a summary of events that outlines how shit has played out.

This whole thing is crazy, disheartening and mess, it will most likely be a polarising issue for a long time to come and possibly never have any real resolution at the end of the day. Bam has been stood down from being a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, the Supreme Council of the UZN has stood down with a new figurehead and council stepping in to lead in the next chapter and I dare say a whole lot of members have stepped out of the ranks over this. This kind of shit is pretty close to home on multiple levels and as a now former member I send respect to Randy Savage and the others for having the god-like/superhero-like strength to come forward and even talk on this shit. That of itself is a huge deal and I hope they are in a good place/find the healing they are seeking or whatever it is they need to continue on and finally have some form of release from this stuff. I also hope their strength inspires a lot of other silent sufferers to find their own voice and deal with their own feelings/find progress for others that have experienced similar horrific events.

Here's the link for those interested in having a read:

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